1921               On Feb. 14, Waddell is born in Des Moines, Iowa to William Wilder Waddell, an executive

                       for the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co, and Isabel McGee.

1931               The family Waddell moves to Evanston, IL.

1934               Waddell attends Katherine Lord Studio, Evanston, IL.

1937-41          At age 16, starts teaching at Katherine Lord Studios.

1939               Graduates from Evanston Township High School.

                       Wins a full tuition scholarship, Art Institute of Chicago.

1939-41          Art Institute of Chicago, Painting & Sculpture.

                       University of Chicago, Psychology, Anthropology, Liberal Arts & Education.

1941-42          Eureka College, Psychology & Liberal Arts.

1942               Marries Elizabeth Owen in Evanston, IL.

                       Works at Buick Aviation Plant, Melrose Park, IL.

                       One-man show at Peoria Public Librairy, Peoria, IL.

1943             On February 4, John and Elizabeth have their first son Sean Owen.

1943-45          Military service.

1944             On June 10, John and Elizabeth’s second son Seamus is born.

1945             On December 20, John and Elizabeth’s third son Seanchan is born.

1946-49          G.I. Bill Tuition, Art Institute of Chicago.

1946-51          University of Chicago.

1947-55          Teaches evening adult classes, Central YMCA Adult Education Program in Chicago.

1948               Receives his Master of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Chicago.

                       Founding member of Exhibition Momentum.

                       One-man show at the Bordelon Gallery, Chicago.

                       Divorces Elizabeth Owen.

1949               Marries Ruth Holland in Chicago.

1949-55          Teaches Art and Art Education at National College of Education in Evanston, IL.

1951               Receives his Master of Art Education, Art Institute of Chicago.

                       Chairman of Exhibition Momentum.

1952             On September 12, Ruth and John have their first son Lindsey Waddell.

1953               One-man show, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

1954             On May 20, 1954 Ruth and John’s son William Waddell is born.

1954-55          Acting head of the Art Department, National College of Education, Evanston, IL.

1955-57          Waddell is head of Art Education, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.

                       Supervises design of outdoor play sculpture for Dr. Bruno Bettelheim’s Orthogenic School.

                       Presents a Saturday morning series of TV programs on various form of art.

1957               One-man show, Fauve Gallery, Chicago, IL.

                       Accepts the position of Head of Art Education at Arizona State College (to become ASU) in Tempe, AZ.

                       Waddell and his family move to Arizona in the fall.

1958               One-man show at ASC.

                       Educational film : "Discovering sculpture" B&W 16mm, for Bailey Films, Los Angeles.

1958-59          Creates Saturday Art Workshop for Gifted Children at Arizona State University.

1959               One-man shows at La Jolla Art Center, La Jolla, CA (paintings only) and at the Bertha Lewinson Gallery,

                       Los Angeles, CA.

                       Completion of "Mother and Son", a bronze group now at Scottsdale Civic Center, AZ.

1960               One-man show at the Phoenix Art Museum, AZ. Intallation of sculptural relief panels at the Arizona Ranch

                       House Inn – destroyed by fire in 1962.

                       Spends the summer in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico. Works cast in bronze at the Moreno &

                       Sons foundry, Mexico City.

                       Sets up small foundry at Arizona State University; works on complete casting process with students at ASU.

1961               Installation of sculptural relief panels in Flagstaff, AZ.

                       Takes a two-year leave of absence from Arizona State University; moves to Valle de Bravo,

                       Mexico with his family.

                       Educational film : "Discovering Drawing and Painting", B&W 10 minutes 16mm.

1962               Three one-man shows, in California and Arizona.

                       Installation of "Dance Mother", life size bronze, at the Phoneix Art Museum (donated by Walter Bimson)

1963               In September, Waddell returns to Arizona. On the road, he hears of the Birmingham, AL bombing that killed

                       four black girls. Deeply moved.

                       Two one-man shows in Arizona.

                       Dance Daughters » at the Phoenix Art Museum.

1963-1964      Works on the 4-figure Birmingham group.

1964               In May, Waddell resigns as professor at ASU to dévote all of his time to his art.

                       Assists in casting the Birmingham group at Noggle Bronze Works, Prescott, AZ.

                       In September, one-artist exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum, presenting the Birmingham group.

1965-67          Stays for two years and a half in Greece with his family, thanks to a grant from ten art patrons.

                       Casts his work at Karkadoulia Bros. Foundry.

1966               One-man show at Hellenic American Union, Athens,

                       Film "Technique of Bronze Casting" (16mm, 50 min) by Jerry Duchscherer.

1966              On January 26, 1966 Ruth and John’s daughter Amy Waddell is born.

1967               Exhibit of "The Family" at the Courtyard of American Embassy

                       in Athens, Greece.

                       B&W 20-minute film by Christos Pappatassos « An American Sculptor in Greece. »

                       August: Waddell returns from Greece.

                       Nov. 20, unveiling of "The Family" in front of the Maricopa County Buiding, Phoenix, AZ.

1968               Nine one-man shows in Arizona.

1969               Two group exhibitions.

                       Installations of sculptures «Despina» and «Martha» at Valley National Bank (Chase Bank), Phoenix, AZ

                       (purchased by Walter R. Bimson, President).

                       November 23, "That Which Might Have Been, Birmingham, 1963" dedicated at the Unitarian

                       Universalist Church in Phoenix, AZ.

1970               Two one-man shows in Arizona.

                       Publication of "Soul" by Dr. Harry Wood, a study of Waddell’s Birmingham group.

1970-74          Commission of Dance, a 12 figure over life bronze group commissioned by the Arizona Arts & Humanities

                       Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts and Valley National Bank.

1971               Building of a new studio and residency complex in Verde Valley, AZ with the support of art patron

                       Louise Lincoln Kerr.

                       Creation of the Waddell Sculpture Fellowship, an apprenticeship in figurative

                       sculpture : long-tem residencies and workshops for selected students that

                       receive grants from the Master Apprentice Programs (MAP).

                       Waddell sets up a small foundry with apprentices to cast own

                       work and some student work at studio site.

1971-73          Casts small pieces and three life size pieces at his own foundry.

                       Participates in the Orme School Fine Arts Festival (group exhibition)

                       for the next 25 years.

1973               One-man show at Northern Arizona University (NAU), Flagstaff, AZ.

                       Starts casting the Civic Plaza group at the Noggle Bronze

                       Works Prescott AZ.

1973-74          Lecture series at NAU.

1973-92          Adjunct professor at NAU.

1974               One-man show at Gallery Wall, Phoenix AZ.

                       Permanent installation of "Dance" at Phoenix Civic Plaza. Dedication May 19, 1974

                       Press coverage is squelched by Eugene Pulliam, publisher of The Arizona Republic & Gazette.

                       25-minute color film made for ABC TV by Stan Block : "Waddell, Man of Bronze".

1974-92          Extension of grants from Master Apprentice Program (MAP) to the Waddell Sculpture Fellowship, to

                       contribute to apprentice costs, including création of sculpture with live models, all aspects of the

                       bronze casting procès, aesthetics and other studies.

1975               One-man show in Phoenix at Gallery Wall.

                       Receives the Gold Medal for Distinguished Service in the Arts : "Man of the Year",

                       National Society of Arts and Letters, Valley of the Sun Chapter.

1977               Three one-man shows and one group exhibition.

1978               Show at Gallery Mack, Carmel, CA.

1979               One-man show at the National College of Education, Evanston, IL, with installation of "Seated Flute

                       Player", a gift of the Edward B. Weinstein family (a second casting is installed at the University of

                       Arizona, Tucson).

                       Waddell is made Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts and of Art Education at NCE.

                       "Waddell Sculpture Fellowship", an 8-minute color video directed by Marlo Bendau, filmed by

                       Richard Stettlemeier for PBS.

1980               Starts working on larger than life tennis players, a commission from Harold Maloney for the

                       National Junior Tennis Hall of Fame.

1981               One-man show and one group exhibition.

                       Installation of the bust of Walter Reed Bimson at the Phoenix Art Museum.

1982               Five one-man shows and one group exhibition.

                       Receives Alumni Award of Merit, Eureka College, Eureka, IL.

                       Exhibition at the Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville, CA.

                       Installation of "Welcoming Muse", Robert Mondavi Winery, CA.

1983               Three one-man shows and two group exhibitions.

1984               Two one-man shows and one group exhibition.

                       Dec 15, a fire destroys Waddell’s studio and residence.

1985               Two one-man shows and one group exhibition.

                       Scottsdale Fine Arts Commission Award for Cultural Contributions.

1986               Five one-man shows and one group exhibition.

                       Publication of "The Beauty of Individual Differences", document 10 years of the Waddell

                       Sculpture Fellowship and Waddell’s philosophy of art education.

                       Exhibition at the Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville, CA.

1987               Four group exhibitions.

1988               One one-man show and one group exhibition.

                       Installation of "Apogee & Momentum" at Flushing Meadows, NY, for the U.S. Tennis Association.

1989               Three one-man shows and three group exhibitions.

1990               Three one-man shows and three group exhibitions.

1991               Four one-man shows and four group exhibitions.

1992               Two group exhibitions.

                       Exhibition at the Joy Tash Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.

1993               One-man shows and five group exhibitions.

1994               Exhibition at the Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville, CA.

                       Two group exhibitions.

1995               Receives the Arizona Governor's Arts Award, Artist of the Year.

                       Completion of 7-figure « Celebration of Life » group.

                       Amy Waddell completes "The Reluctant Muse", a 60-minute video on her parents John and Ruth Waddell.

                       The video is broadcast on PBS in January, 1996.

1996               Completion of "Compassion" an 8-foot bronze figure.

                       Two one-man shows.

1996               Begins relief that will become Rising (completion 2008-09).

                       Major Survey of Paintings and Sculpture, Select Gallery and Sculpture Garden,Sedona, AZ.

1997-98          Art exhibit, Freed Art Gallery, Lincoln City, OR.

2001               Art exhibit, New School for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ.

                       John & Ruth Waddell, joint show, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise, AZ.

2002               Art exhibit, New School for the Arts, Tempe, AZ.

2004               One man show, Phoenix Botanical Garden Major One-man Show, AZ.

2007               Reveals images of "Rising" in progress at San Diego Museum of Art, CA.

                       Speaks on panel at San Diego Museum of Art, CA.

                       John and Ruth Waddell join show, Shrine of the Ages, Grand Canyon, AZ.

2009               Film Maker Marlo Bendau completes film on Waddell : "Rising".

                       Exhibit, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ.

2010               Completion of "Rising".

                       One man show James Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA.

                       John & Ruth Waddell, joint show, Yavapai College, Clarkdale, AZ.

2011               Waddell celebrates his 90th birthday.

                       John & Ruth Waddell, joint show, Olney Gallery of Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, AZ.

                       Completes 2-figure group : "The Healing".

                       One man show, Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ.


John Henry Waddell